An Addiction That Cost Alot.  Quitting Nearly impossible 

While traveling abroad last summer to Rome, I got addicted to coffee and espresso. When I tried espresso for the first time; I thought it tasted like shit hated it and said I will never drink this again. Then I tried the latte macchiato the following day and I loved that drink, I got that every day during my three week excursion! Before I left for Rome, I was already addicted to iced coffee my favorite is “Caramel Iced Coffee”. The espresso that I tried first was just straight up in a tiny mug filled with a shot.

The one day that I forgot to pick up coffee before my shift was completely a mistake on my part. Withdrawal effects happened within a couple hours after missing my daily fix for caffeine; when I tell you it was horrible experience, I am personally not lying to anyone it was complete shit.  I did not have any focus, I had one of the worst headaches, I was so moody, socializing with anyone at work was a very hard task. After my shift ended I head straight home and took an advil and slept for two hours, woke up and felt a shit ton better than where I was before. 

This summer one of my goals is to lose my coffee habit before school starts in the fall because not only is it addicting but the amount of money, I spend a month it’s a bit obscene. The one reason why it’s a hinder is because I love the atmosphere of Starbucks and coffee houses and the smell it’s intoxicating. The second reason is because what other drink can I have caramel or hazelnut in it? Without it tasting like complete shit. Third, For me to drop this habit I would have to endure some psychological problems such as headaches and the feeling of needing caffeine to operate during the morning and the afternoon, without having to worry about being tired. 

Sorry about forgetting to upload a new article yesterday, I was helping my sister move into her new apartment. I got home late and I was barely able to drive home last night before switching off with one of my parents at a rest stop. Until next time!