Freshman Year of College | Oct 7


8 weeks ago, I started college at Penn State University; I wanted to come back and start a daily blog. Since I quit Youtube vlogging because I found out that I’m not a Youtube creator personality. I want to start documenting my life even though most people would say it is uninteresting, (which might be true.)

When I graduated high school back in June, I felt pressure lift right up and now I am free. I hated being trapped in a school for six hours, since starting college I question myself how I was able to survive before. I am getting used to my schedule but next semester, I will have to relearn my schedule once again but that will take a minimum of a few days to achieve.

I still feel that my high school did not prepare me as well as they should have for the college workload.  On the first day of my English class, I took a diagnostic test to make sure I was in the right class level and I found out that my writing was actually complete shit. I had to move down a class level from 15 to 4, now next semester depending if I pass this class which I should then it will be back to English 15 for me.

I will be back tomorrow!