April 25, 2017,| A Start of Something New

Hey, Guys!

I think you guy’s thought that I forgot about this blog which is semi- true but not really because I am going to announce that from today and on I will be blogging every day for one year! I feel like I need some discipline with blogging and If I announce it then maybe I might be able to stick with my promise for 365 days.



I have officially accepted my acceptance to Penn State University, in the fall of 2017. After three rejection letters, two acceptance letters and one waitlisted notification, I can finally say that it’s official I am going to college bitches! I am excited but I don’t have any trust in myself and that is the reason why I am going to get tutors for every single one of my classes next year. I still have one goal which is to graduate and transfer into Monmouth University which is in Long Branch, New Jersey. I want to experience the college life and especially I want to be near the beach to enjoy that kind of lifestyle. Never once did I ever think that I was going to attend Penn State because I am morally so against the idea but, to be honest; I think it will be the best for me academically speaking. I can’t wait to go and visit beaver stadium on Saturday mornings and afternoons and scream chants all day with thousands of kids!

So, It is a Tuesday morning and I am sitting in my first mod class writing this post and trying to start a countdown until graduation. I can’t wait to leave this place; I feel like I am in a prison especially because I can’t do anything without permission and I can’t just get up and leave class when I want.

Over the weekend, My friend and I took a road trip up to Woodbury Commons, which is an upscale shopping destination and hour outside of New York City.  There is one complaint, I noticed that all the foreigner’s who speak badly about American’s are no better when they are up at Woodbury shopping. I am not trying to be an asshole but I got an experience with some nasty expats in America.

I will see you tomorrow morning,


January 4, 2017

I am typing this at 12:44 a.m and I have not taken one sip of alcohol in order for me to get into the mood to write this. I am aware, I have not been writing on this blog lately and I really don’t have any good excuses.


I remember sitting in my economic class during my junior year of high school last year watching The Pursuit of Happyness and one quote from the movie stuck with me and I will explain why “DON’T EVER LET SOMEONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN’T DO SOMETHING.” Last summer, I remember sitting down at lunch with three of my sisters talking about colleges and where I want to attend. The one thing I will note is that they were very harsh but in good conscience. I told them the number one school I want to get accepted to is a University that is close to where I live. They told me “With your grades and SAT scores, you will never be able to get into the school.” Last month I got a notification in the mail saying that my application has been updated” I was deferred with a request for an interview,” finally I got the ball back in my park.


Fast Forward: Yesterday afternoon at 3 pm, I went to attend the interview at the University I want to attend. I sat down with one of the admission counselor’s and the first question that came out was “Why do you want to attend this University?” I have never been in an interview that I felt so uncomfortable because I knew what was at stake. This interview could either get me accepted or it can give me decline letter in the mail. Nobody knows what disappointment is until they get a letter beginning with “I regretfully write….,” it’s literally a letter that makes you question yourself.



When You Are The Minority of The Ages.


Imagine walking into your high school’s auditorium on a dreary, overcast summer tuesday afternoon. You check into the meeting and find a seat next to some girl from your grade. Then realizing yourself and a few others are outnumbered by lowerclassmen and mostly Juniors. I realize I was a Junior not even a couple weeks ago but still. 

As my attempt of describing the meeting at my high school during the summer, I will try to clear everything up now. The club I am apart of is called “Transition Club,” it’s a bit ironic considering there is actually people transitioning into their next chapter.  We help the upcoming freshman get situated and comfortable transitioning into the high school. The meeting was a mixture of inspirational talk, changes for the following year and lastly the plans for this club and what we have to change to make it better transition for others. 

Reality I walked into the doors of the high school straight to the auditorium looking around at all the changes, that were changing to the aesthetics. When I entered the auditorium I walked straight to the front to check in and then found a seat next to one of the girls in my grade and two other guys. Then when we were chatting among ourselves, we came to the realization that we are outnumbered by underclassmen.

Personally I felt outnumbered considering the majority of the population in the club is mostly underclassmen and not many seniors from my class.