Figuring out College Path- I think?

Yesterday, I went to my academic advisor to start planning out my freshman year second-semester schedule. I want to get a schedule that I have most of my mornings are classes then I have the afternoon to myself. I know being a freshman I am the lowest of the lowest with the schedule choices.

When I went to my academic advisor, I figured out that I will probably end up majoring in business and minoring in information security and systems. I want to have a business background but I want to know more about computers and programming. I want to stand out when I graduate and trying to find a job after graduation, I thought this combo would make me somewhat competitive for some jobs in the market.

Yesterday, I forgot to upload a blog post and I apologize because I don’t want to give up just yet. I am 4 days into my blogging post and I want to continue for as long as possible.

I will see you guys tomorrow!