A Young Conservative in a Liberal High School.


What did you think I forgot about all you lovely blog readers? If so I am sorry to regret but I did not forget. My lateness wasn’t just because I am lazy as shit. I had to work a lot this week and didn’t have time to look this over and change some errors. Well enjoy!

I started becoming interested in politics even before my eighteenth birthday and even before I was a senior. My interest started in the beginning of sophomore year, I would debate and speak my mind about all of my views,, I was a little BLUNT shit. I was beyond vocal with how I feel on controversial issues even in classes, I wouldn’t be scared to speak and be reprimanded by every person in that class.   When I turned the big eighteenth, I was already pre-registered as republican in March even though my birthday isn’t until April twentieth. The reason I registered so early because my state was having their primaries five days after my birthday and I wanted to vote! As for being a conservative republican in a public high school comes with lots and lots of problems and harassment, considering the fact that the majority of my school are all liberals; it is very difficult because kids just believe whatever the media and the internet says about politics. 

Now, fast forward to the winter of my junior year; I was walking to the library after lunch with my friend and let me get this straight from the beginning, there was no one in the halls when this happened. My friend and I were walking past this display in the hallway and I said privately to my friend “I feel like these posters are being shoved down my throat,” to be specific they were promoting the LGBT education. Second before you comment oh you are homophobic, I am not,, my cousin is bisexual and I am perfectly fine with it.  I walk into my first mod class the next morning and my german teacher says you were called to the office. I walked down to the office thinking “what could this be about because I don’t remember doing anything stupid or something.” My principal says to me when I get to the office “there was a report that you said something that was your own personal opinion, you are NOT in trouble but I just wanted to use this as a teaching moment. Since I can NOT stop you from saying your own opinions because of your first amendment freedom of speech.” She then proceeded to say “another teacher brought it up to me because she overheard you yesterday in the halls,” there was no one in the halls when I said this to my friend.

As the presidential election talk started in the school, oh you better know I was the MOST vocal in this particular area of political talk. The moment people found out who I was actually supporting was when the hate came. Since I supported Trump from day one, I am automatically every name in the book? I am actually none of the names in the book, but you just hear it in the news everyday with all the other bullshit. I was a minority in this particular area because everyone else in my school are mostly Bernie Sander fans, they all support everything free but they don’t want to pay higher taxes. My school in my opinion, they are a bunch of hidden socialists but they don’t want to accept that fact yet. 

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The textbook definitions of the word friends is a person whom one knows and shares the same personality. Your friends see you at the highest point of your life and at the lowest. The clique you grow up with in elementary and middle school might not be the same clique in high school and definitely not the same when you leave for college. You probably read the title and saw the picture and thought “oh fuck this will be a play by play of an episode,” sadly it isn’t enjoy.  

Tonight when I was working, I saw one of my old friends mom and she was talking to me reminiscing the memories of younger Will, bit terrifying in my opinion. This old friend I knew since kindergarten, he knew me when I couldn’t even get out a fluent english sentence because of my speech impediment which is stuttering and getting stuck.

Yesterday I went to grab lunch with of my closest and we have been friends forever now and he knows everything about me. We were sitting down in Panera eating and talking about where we are looking for colleges and what we want to focus in. When we were talking about colleges both of us had different opinions on one thing called going to college with another person or group of people from our high school. I personally want to get away from everyone because I just want to start fresh with not knowing anyone and everyone not knowing my history or anything about me. My friend on the other hand wouldn’t mind attending college with another kid from our school or group of people. In May, his group of friends and I skipped school before prom weekend and it was fucking great day, we drove down to King of Prussia mall in Philadelphia.

I became friends with this kid who is a dual citizen American and Italian, we became friends back in ninth grade. I despised him for some reason that I couldn’t explain because in all honesty, I have no explanation for it but now we are fine and we laugh about that. During class one day we were talking about our love for android and how much we both hate Apple products. He then invited me to be an editor on his tech review blog.  We have been friends ever since and then he invited me to travel over to his house in Italy for three weeks till the fourth of July last summer. We didn’t kill each other which was shocking because we have way different opinions in politics. Dante if you are reading this remember “they did not have an uphill battle. This friend I would not mind attending any college with him because we would both fight each other on our differences in politics and speaking our mind on technology. 


When You Are The Minority of The Ages.


Imagine walking into your high school’s auditorium on a dreary, overcast summer tuesday afternoon. You check into the meeting and find a seat next to some girl from your grade. Then realizing yourself and a few others are outnumbered by lowerclassmen and mostly Juniors. I realize I was a Junior not even a couple weeks ago but still. 

As my attempt of describing the meeting at my high school during the summer, I will try to clear everything up now. The club I am apart of is called “Transition Club,” it’s a bit ironic considering there is actually people transitioning into their next chapter.  We help the upcoming freshman get situated and comfortable transitioning into the high school. The meeting was a mixture of inspirational talk, changes for the following year and lastly the plans for this club and what we have to change to make it better transition for others. 

Reality I walked into the doors of the high school straight to the auditorium looking around at all the changes, that were changing to the aesthetics. When I entered the auditorium I walked straight to the front to check in and then found a seat next to one of the girls in my grade and two other guys. Then when we were chatting among ourselves, we came to the realization that we are outnumbered by underclassmen.

Personally I felt outnumbered considering the majority of the population in the club is mostly underclassmen and not many seniors from my class.  

A Point That Gains Attention


What a confusing event occurred?  My friend and I, were driving in a city close to my hometown. I drove into my sister’s business parking lot, where there is a lot of shopping centers and entertainment spots.This confusing situation occurred after, I texted my sister that I was here and waiting for her to come out of her office. I pointed out a sign to my friend and made a joke about the poster. 

This lady was walking down the side of the building, she saw me pointing directly at a sign in my car. After she noticed, she walked directly towards my car where I was parked and came to the driver’s side window and stood there. Myself being an idiot, I rolled down my window to find out what she wanted and so she then proceed to start speaking to me and I could not understand anything. I only understood a few words here and there and after this whole thing happened my friend told me that she thought I was judging her or I was doing something negatively because of her skin color. Pointing an advertisement out to my friend is an automatic race judging? As the converstation ended she was talking about how she was here for four days from Honduras and I was like sorry but I have to go.  

Never in my life has that ever happened to me with a friend in that area, I was in. I did not feel comfortable or safe at all! At the end of the day, I got away with no problems or situations arising.