A Young Conservative in a Liberal High School.


What did you think I forgot about all you lovely blog readers? If so I am sorry to regret but I did not forget. My lateness wasn’t just because I am lazy as shit. I had to work a lot this week and didn’t have time to look this over and change some errors. Well enjoy!

I started becoming interested in politics even before my eighteenth birthday and even before I was a senior. My interest started in the beginning of sophomore year, I would debate and speak my mind about all of my views,, I was a little BLUNT shit. I was beyond vocal with how I feel on controversial issues even in classes, I wouldn’t be scared to speak and be reprimanded by every person in that class.   When I turned the big eighteenth, I was already pre-registered as republican in March even though my birthday isn’t until April twentieth. The reason I registered so early because my state was having their primaries five days after my birthday and I wanted to vote! As for being a conservative republican in a public high school comes with lots and lots of problems and harassment, considering the fact that the majority of my school are all liberals; it is very difficult because kids just believe whatever the media and the internet says about politics. 

Now, fast forward to the winter of my junior year; I was walking to the library after lunch with my friend and let me get this straight from the beginning, there was no one in the halls when this happened. My friend and I were walking past this display in the hallway and I said privately to my friend “I feel like these posters are being shoved down my throat,” to be specific they were promoting the LGBT education. Second before you comment oh you are homophobic, I am not,, my cousin is bisexual and I am perfectly fine with it.  I walk into my first mod class the next morning and my german teacher says you were called to the office. I walked down to the office thinking “what could this be about because I don’t remember doing anything stupid or something.” My principal says to me when I get to the office “there was a report that you said something that was your own personal opinion, you are NOT in trouble but I just wanted to use this as a teaching moment. Since I can NOT stop you from saying your own opinions because of your first amendment freedom of speech.” She then proceeded to say “another teacher brought it up to me because she overheard you yesterday in the halls,” there was no one in the halls when I said this to my friend.

As the presidential election talk started in the school, oh you better know I was the MOST vocal in this particular area of political talk. The moment people found out who I was actually supporting was when the hate came. Since I supported Trump from day one, I am automatically every name in the book? I am actually none of the names in the book, but you just hear it in the news everyday with all the other bullshit. I was a minority in this particular area because everyone else in my school are mostly Bernie Sander fans, they all support everything free but they don’t want to pay higher taxes. My school in my opinion, they are a bunch of hidden socialists but they don’t want to accept that fact yet. 

Well until next time…..