Transferring Universities?


I applied to Penn State University back in April as a backup school. I always told myself that I was never going to graduate from Penn State if I attended, I would transfer out and use PSU as a gateway to a better university. Now fast forward, it’s nearing the end of my first semester and don’t get me wrong; I met a ton of good people and made some friends too. Now, I feel like I’m attending a high school because the campus I am at doesn’t have a college atmosphere.


I am currently researching and looking around at different universities and I am looking at Quinnipiac University, West Chester University, and Saint Joseph University. I just registered for a transfer tour and information session at two of those universities, so far! My parents wanted me to look at WCU because it’s in Philadelphia and it’s easy to get back and fourth for the holidays and they are alumni there as well. I want to personally look at Quinnipiac University because it looks beautiful and I always wanted to attend since my second oldest sister attended there.

I will see you guys next time!