Transferring Universities?

Why? I applied to Penn State University back in April as a backup school. I always told myself that I was never going to graduate from Penn State if I attended, I would transfer out and use PSU as a gateway to a better university. Now fast forward, it’s nearing the end of my first semester and don’t get me wrong; I met a ton … Continue reading Transferring Universities?

Figuring out College Path- I think?

Yesterday, I went to my academic advisor to start planning out my freshman year second-semester schedule. I want to get a schedule that I have most of my mornings are classes then I have the afternoon to myself. I know being a freshman I am the lowest of the lowest with the schedule choices. When I went to my academic advisor, I figured out that … Continue reading Figuring out College Path- I think?

Freshman Year of College | Oct 7

  8 weeks ago, I started college at Penn State University; I wanted to come back and start a daily blog. Since I quit Youtube vlogging because I found out that I’m not a Youtube creator personality. I want to start documenting my life even though most people would say it is uninteresting, (which might be true.) When I graduated high school back in June, … Continue reading Freshman Year of College | Oct 7