January 4, 2017

I am typing this at 12:44 a.m and I have not taken one sip of alcohol in order for me to get into the mood to write this. I am aware, I have not been writing on this blog lately and I really don’t have any good excuses.


I remember sitting in my economic class during my junior year of high school last year watching The Pursuit of Happyness and one quote from the movie stuck with me and I will explain why “DON’T EVER LET SOMEONE TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN’T DO SOMETHING.” Last summer, I remember sitting down at lunch with three of my sisters talking about colleges and where I want to attend. The one thing I will note is that they were very harsh but in good conscience. I told them the number one school I want to get accepted to is a University that is close to where I live. They told me “With your grades and SAT scores, you will never be able to get into the school.” Last month I got a notification in the mail saying that my application has been updated” I was deferred with a request for an interview,” finally I got the ball back in my park.


Fast Forward: Yesterday afternoon at 3 pm, I went to attend the interview at the University I want to attend. I sat down with one of the admission counselor’s and the first question that came out was “Why do you want to attend this University?” I have never been in an interview that I felt so uncomfortable because I knew what was at stake. This interview could either get me accepted or it can give me decline letter in the mail. Nobody knows what disappointment is until they get a letter beginning with “I regretfully write….,” it’s literally a letter that makes you question yourself.




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