Transferring Universities?


I applied to Penn State University back in April as a backup school. I always told myself that I was never going to graduate from Penn State if I attended, I would transfer out and use PSU as a gateway to a better university. Now fast forward, it’s nearing the end of my first semester and don’t get me wrong; I met a ton of good people and made some friends too. Now, I feel like I’m attending a high school because the campus I am at doesn’t have a college atmosphere.


I am currently researching and looking around at different universities and I am looking at Quinnipiac University, West Chester University, and Saint Joseph University. I just registered for a transfer tour and information session at two of those universities, so far! My parents wanted me to look at WCU because it’s in Philadelphia and it’s easy to get back and fourth for the holidays and they are alumni there as well. I want to personally look at Quinnipiac University because it looks beautiful and I always wanted to attend since my second oldest sister attended there.

I will see you guys next time!


Figuring out College Path- I think?

Yesterday, I went to my academic advisor to start planning out my freshman year second-semester schedule. I want to get a schedule that I have most of my mornings are classes then I have the afternoon to myself. I know being a freshman I am the lowest of the lowest with the schedule choices.

When I went to my academic advisor, I figured out that I will probably end up majoring in business and minoring in information security and systems. I want to have a business background but I want to know more about computers and programming. I want to stand out when I graduate and trying to find a job after graduation, I thought this combo would make me somewhat competitive for some jobs in the market.

Yesterday, I forgot to upload a blog post and I apologize because I don’t want to give up just yet. I am 4 days into my blogging post and I want to continue for as long as possible.

I will see you guys tomorrow!

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Typing this blog right now feels like I am Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, The HBO show. The reason I say that is because I am typing from a coffee shop with a caramel latte in my hand, at least I am not writing about tips on having sex because I couldn’t really give you any because I am still a virgin.

Last night, I went to see Blade Runner with my friend and I thought it was so confusing but then I realized that it is a series type movie, we had to watch the older ones to understand this movie more clearly. We go see movies every weekend ranging from romantic comedies, raunchy comedies to action and horror. I am much more of a raunchy comedy type of guy because romance movies bore me but If my girlfriend or wife wanted to see a romantic then I would watch it with them. We haven’t missed a Saturday night of watching movies that came out that following week, we started this years ago I think it was during my junior year of high school; when it began because my friend and I don’t party or smoke so we do this to hang out instead of partying.

A few thing things I notice during my first few weeks of college is how different everything is from studying, to test, to writing notes in lectures. Studying in college involves more than just looking at your notes 10 minutes before a test and expecting to remember everything, I literally have to learn to review all of my notes for each class like 10 minutes a day then it is not like I am cramming everything before a test or quiz. I took my first college exam a few weeks ago and it was in art history, a 100 level class and I walked out and said to myself, “Holy fuck, I am not gonna like taking these test because it’s not memorization.” Writing notes is completely different in college because some professors don’t even use powerpoints with words on it, they only talk about a picture or a graph that is displayed but then you have to know what to write down, which I am still learning that skill.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

Freshman Year of College | Oct 7


8 weeks ago, I started college at Penn State University; I wanted to come back and start a daily blog. Since I quit Youtube vlogging because I found out that I’m not a Youtube creator personality. I want to start documenting my life even though most people would say it is uninteresting, (which might be true.)

When I graduated high school back in June, I felt pressure lift right up and now I am free. I hated being trapped in a school for six hours, since starting college I question myself how I was able to survive before. I am getting used to my schedule but next semester, I will have to relearn my schedule once again but that will take a minimum of a few days to achieve.

I still feel that my high school did not prepare me as well as they should have for the college workload.  On the first day of my English class, I took a diagnostic test to make sure I was in the right class level and I found out that my writing was actually complete shit. I had to move down a class level from 15 to 4, now next semester depending if I pass this class which I should then it will be back to English 15 for me.

I will be back tomorrow!